Exotics and Exotic Phenomena in Heavy Ion Collisions (ExHIC)

APCTP Headquarters

APCTP Headquarters

Pohang, Korea
Su Houng Lee (Chair) (Yonsei University), Sungtae Cho (Kangwon National University), Xu-Guang Huang (Fudan University), Yongseok Oh (Kyungpook National University), Akira Ohnishi (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University), Eunsook Lee (Staff) ((Staff))

In February 2021, the CMS collaboration has reported the observation of X(3872) with anomalously large production yield in Pb-Pb heavy ion collision at 5.02 TeV. Such a large production rate was anticipated by the ExHIC (Exotics from Heavy Ion Collision)  theory collaboration, formed by the present organizers, in a PRL paper, which showed that the large hadron production yields in heavy ion collision could be used to discriminate a molecular from a compact configuration for an exotic hadron.  The work was an outcome of the discussion in the ExHIC inauguration workshop held in 2011 at Yukawa Institute, Kyoto. Furthermore, in July 2021, the LHCb collaboration has observed a doubly charmed meson Tcc, which has been extensively discussed in the 2007 APCTP program on “Hadron Physics at RHIC” organized by the present PI and collaborators with subsequent pioneering publications on the exotic hadron.  

Therefore, in the proposed focus program, the original authors of the pioneering works aim at bringing together experimentalists and theorists on the subject to discuss the current status of the newly developing subject and to probe future research direction.  We will also asses the possibilities of measuring Tcc for the first time from a heavy ion collision and what other measurements for the X(3872) and other hadron physics related observables would be feasible and useful. This will be a continuation of the 2007 APCTP focus program on “Hadron Physics at RHIC” and the extension of the ExHIC collaboration formed in the “Exotics in heavy ion collision (ExHIC)” workshops at YITP in 2011 and “Exotic Phenomena in heavy ion collision (ExHIC-p)” in 2019.

This meeting will be held in the hybrid mode.

Zoom link:    https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYpcuiurDstE9MXF4iFpFnVF1mq61b0CBGi

ID :  824 5162 0797

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  • Ahmad Jafar Arifi
  • Akira Ohnishi
  • Avraham Gal
  • Baoyi Chen
  • Benjamin Doenigus
  • Bo Wang
  • Chang Ho Hyun
  • Che-Ming Ko
  • Guang-Juan Wang
  • Haesom Sung
  • Hongxi Xing
  • Hyung-Ok Yoon
  • Ibuki Terashima
  • Junlee Kim
  • Kiyoshi Tanida
  • Lata Thakur
  • Lu Meng
  • MinJung Kweon
  • Parada Tobel Paraduan Hutauruk
  • Pengfei Zhuang
  • Philipp Gubler
  • Priyanshu Gupta
  • Qian Wang
  • Sanghoon Lim
  • Seokwoo Yeo
  • Seung-il Nam
  • Shigehiro Yasui
  • Shung-Ichi Ando
  • Su Houng Lee
  • Sungtae Cho
  • Sunil Manohar Dogra
  • Takayasu Sekihara
  • Takuya Sugiura
  • Tetsuo Hatsuda
  • Tetsuo Hyodo
  • Tomona Kinugawa
  • Ulrich Wiedner
  • William Jin
  • Xu-Guang Huang
  • Yasuhiro Yamaguchi
  • Yongseok Oh
  • Yongsun Kim
  • Yorito Yamaguchi
  • Zhenwei Yang