APCTP Workshop on the Physics of Electron Ion Collider

Howard Johnson Incheon Airport Hotel

Howard Johnson Incheon Airport Hotel

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Abhay Deshpande (Stony Brook University), Yuji Goto (BNL), Kyungseon Joo (Co-Chair) (University of Connecticut), Yongsun Kim (Sejong University), Yongseok Oh (Co-Chair) (Kyungpook National University), Christian Weiss (Jefferson Lab)

The Electron-Ion Collider (EIC), planned to be built at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), in partnership with Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab), will be the most advanced tool for studying some of the deepest unexplored recesses of the atom.  

The EIC will be a particle accelerator that collides electrons with protons and nuclei to produce snapshots of those particles’ internal structure—like a CT scanner for atoms. The electron beam will reveal the arrangement of the quarks and gluons that make up the protons and neutrons of nuclei. The force that holds quarks together, carried by the gluons, is the strongest force in Nature. The EIC will allow us to study this “strong nuclear force” and the role of gluons in the matter within and all around us. What we learn from the EIC could power the technologies of tomorrow.  Topics for this workshop could also include topics in heavy-ion physics, high-energy physics, and any other physics that might have connections to the EIC and its detector and accelerator technologies. We will also discuss international collaborations, especially in Asian Pacific countries.

This is an in-person meeting. We do not provide a service for online participation of audience. 

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Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Center for High Energy Physics,   Kyungpook National University




  • Abhay Deshpande
  • Chang-Seong Moon
  • Christopher Dilks
  • Dong Ho Moon
  • Ernst Sichtermann
  • Francesco Bossu
  • Hungchong Kim
  • Hwidong Yoo
  • Hyeon-Dong Son
  • Hyon-Suk Jo
  • Hyun-Chul Kim
  • Jae Hyeok Yoo
  • Jeongsu Bok
  • Jim Yeck
  • Jin-Hee Yoon
  • Kirill Semenov-Tyan-Shanskiy
  • Kyungseon JOO
  • Ming Liu
  • MinJung Kweon
  • Or Hen
  • Parada Tobel Paraduan Hutauruk
  • Paweł Sznajder
  • Ralf Seidl
  • Rolf Ent
  • Saehanseul Oh
  • Sanghoon Lim
  • Sangyeong Son
  • Satoshi Yano
  • Sehwook Lee
  • Shuddha Shankar Dasgupta
  • Shunzo Kumano
  • Su Houng Lee
  • Sungtae Cho
  • Taeksu Shin
  • Timothy Hallman
  • Wenliang Li
  • Yi Yang
  • Yongseok Oh
  • Yongsun Kim
  • Yongwoo Choi
  • Youngil Kwon
  • Yuji Goto
  • Yunkyu Bang
  • Zein-Eddine Meziani