A small cryogenic detector for low mass WIMPs search

Aug 10, 2021, 2:30 PM


Hyelim Kim (CUP, IBS)


The focusing mass of the present WIMPs (weakly interacting massive particles) search is going down. For the low mass WIMP search, we studied a low threshold cryogenic particle detector using an MMC (Metallic Magnetic Calorimeter) sensor and a pure CaF2 crystal as a particle absorber. The spin (l/2) of 19F has a large cross section for axial coupled WIMPs. The fast response time of a MMC sensor and good thermal connection of the crystal and the sensor made a 76 us rise time and a 67 eV of FWHM baseline energy resolution. The luminescence of the CaF2 crystal has a main emission band at 280 nm and 60% light yield of CaWO4 at 8 K. The UV scintillation light can make large light signals at the cryogenic light detector, which will make powerful particle discrimination. Here, I will talk about the prospect of the MMC based cryogenic particle detector using CaF2 for the low mass WIMP search.

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