Many ideas on light dark matter/exotic particle search on tabletop experiments have been suggested in recent years. At the same time, many new physics theories beyond the standard model provide a vast zoo of light particles which potentially explain anomalies in collider and neutrino experiments and also dark matter in the universe. This workshop focuses on ideas on tabletop experiments for various light dark matter and exotic particles including axion, dark photon and sterile neutrinos.


Invited speakers:

Ki Young Choi (Sungkyunkwan U.)

Dinh Nguyen Dinh (Institute of Physics)

Koichi Hamaguchi (Tokyo U.)

Sang Hui Im (CTPU, IBS)

Hyelim Kim (CUP, IBS)

Hyungjin Kim (DESY)

Yeong Duk Kim (CUP, IBS)

Simon Knapen (CERN)

Gil-Ho Lee (POSTECH)

Hyun Su Lee (CUP, IBS)

Sehwook Lee (Kyungpook National U.)

Yong Chang Lee (Seoul National U.)

Hyang Kyu Park (Korea U.)

Hyeoung Woo Park (Kyungpook National U.)

Jong-Chul Park (Chungnam National U.)

Surjeet Rajendran (Johns Hopkins U.)

Min Sang Ryu (Kyungpook National U.)

Vladmir Tretyak (Institute of Nuclear Physics)

Sung Woo Youn (CAPP, IBS)


Supported by

Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics

Center for High Energy Physics, Kyungpook National University

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