Dark matter axion search at IBS-CAPP

Aug 9, 2021, 10:30 AM


Sungwoo Youn (CAPP, IBS)


The axion is a hypothetical elementary particle which can address two fundamental questions in modern physics - CP problem in the strong interactions and mystery of dark matter.

The most sensitive searches rely on the haloscope technique that utilizes the axion-photon conversion under a strong magnetic field.

The key elements of experimental setup include a high-field magnet in a cryogenic refrigerator, a large-volume high-quality microwave resonator, and a quantum noise limited amplifier. Most of experiments are performed on a small scale in laboratories and IBS-CAPP, established in 2013 based on the similar concept, has played critical roles in this business. In this talk, we present the past, present, and future of dark matter axion searches at IBS-CAPP.

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