International Light Cone Advisory Committee


Quantum stress within hadrons

by Yang Li (University of Science and Technology of China)

The hadronic energy-momentum tensor emerges as a vital tool to unravel the energy and stress distributions inside hadrons, and provides insights into the nature of the strong force. These quantities also play a key role in the current and forthcoming experiments with electron-ion collisions. Notably, the stress density poses a unique challenge due to its dynamical nature within strongly coupled systems. In this talk, I will explore the physical interpretation of the hadronic energy-momentum tensor and the associated gravitational form factors. Emphasis is placed on recent advancements in our comprehension of hadronic stress through a microscopic lens, utilizing a non-perturbative wave function representation. In particular, I will show that a consistent treatment of the hadronic matrix elements and the Hamiltonian dynamics, including a consistent renormalization, is the key to extract the quantum stress.  Illustrating this approach, I will showcase two concrete examples. The first delves into the extraction of quantum stress for the pion within holographic light-front QCD, while the second focuses on the dissection of quarkonium in basis light-front quantization.
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