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The Frame-Independent Spatial Coordinate z: Implications for Light-Front Wave Functions, Deep Inelastic Scattering, Light-Front Holography, and Lattice QCD Calculations

by Gerald A. Miller (University of Washington)

A general procedure for obtaining frame-independent three-dimensional light-front coordinate-space wave functions is introduced. The third spatial coordinate, z, is the boost and Lorentz frame-independent coordinate conjugate to the light-front momentum coordinate that appears in the momentum-space light-front wave functions underlying generalized parton distributions, structure functions, distribution amplitudes, form factors, and other hadronic observables. These causal light-front coordinate-space wave functions are used to derive a general expression for the quark distribution function of hadrons as an integral over the frame-independent longitudinal distance between virtual-photon absorption and emission appearing in the forward virtual photon-hadron Compton scattering amplitude. Specific examples using models derived from light-front holographic QCD show that the spatial extent of the proton eigenfunction in the longitudinal direction can have a very large longitudinal spatial extent.

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