Oct 6 – 8, 2022
Yonsei University
Asia/Seoul timezone

The second Reimei Workshop "Polarization phenomena and Lorentz symmetry violation in dense matter" will be held on October 6-8, 2022 at Yonsei University in an online format with limited onsite participants. The workshop will focus on topics involving experimental and theoretical studies of hadronic polarization observables in a dense environment, modifications of hadrons and their dispersion relations in nuclear matter, the relation of these phenomena to QCD and chiral symmetry, related experimental measurements at facilities around the world and especially the ongoing E16 experiment at J-PARC. The goal of the workshop is to stimulate discussions between theorists and experimentalists in order to exchange new ideas. This is a sequel of the previous Reimei workshop "Hadrons in dense matter at J-PARC", held at Tokai on February, 2022. 

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meeting ID: 967 9040 0268
passcode: 591491


Topics to be discussed:

-Hadronic polarization observables in nuclear and heavy-ion collisions
-In-medium effects of Lorentz symmetry breaking 
-Modified hadronic dispersion relations in nuclear matter
-Hadronic final state measurements
-Dilepton measurements
-Related topics

About the Reimei-workshop Series:
This Reimei Workshop is part of a series of workshops sponsored by the
 Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). Reimei means "dawn" in Japanese, and the workshops of thie series are intended to highlight the physics being done now, or in the near future, at JAEA and its related facilities, such as J-PARC.

Invited Speakers:
Kazuya Aoki (KEK)
Philipp Gubler (JAEA)
Koichi Hattori (Zhejiang U.)
Xu-Guang Huang (Fudan U.)
Su Houng Lee (Yonsei U.)
Jinfeng Liao (Indiana U.)
Takafumi Niida (Tsukuba U.)
Hiroyuki Sako (JAEA)

Xin-Li Sheng (CCNU, Wuhan)
Hidetoshi Taya (RIKEN)
Di-Lun Yang (Academia Sinica)
Yi Yin (Lanzhou Inst. Mod. Phys.) 

Organizing Committee:
Kazuya Aoki (KEK)
Philipp Gubler (JAEA)
Su Houng Lee (Yonsei U.)
Yongseok Oh (APCTP/Kyungpook U.)
Hiroyuki Sako (JAEA)




Yonsei University
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