September 29, 2022 to October 1, 2022
APCTP Headquarters
Asia/Seoul timezone

Production of the $T_{cc}$ and the $X(6900)$ in heavy ion collision

Sep 30, 2022, 3:00 PM
APCTP Headquarters

APCTP Headquarters

Pohang, Korea


Qian Wang (South China Normal University)


The nature of exotic hadrons beyond the conventional quark model has being a hot topic in hadron physics. Since the observation of the first exotic charmonium-like state, i.e. the X(3872), numerous exotic candidates have been reported by various experimental collaboration. Especially, the fully charm tetra quark X(6900) and the double charm tetraquark Tcc observed in pp collision arouse intensive discussion among the community. In this talk, I will discuss the production of the Tcc and the X(6900) in heavy ion collision, which includes the pT, rapidity, centrality, polar angle distributions and so on.

Primary authors

Peng-Yu Niu (South China Normal University) Hui Zhang (South China Normal University) Jinfeng Liao (Indiana University) Enke Wang (South China Normal University) Qian Wang (South China Normal University) Hongxi Xing (South China Normal University) Shuai Yang (South China Normal University)

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