International Light Cone Advisory Committee


Proton mass decompositions

by Andreas Metz (Temple U.)


Different decompositions (sum rules) for the proton mass have been proposed in the literature. All of them are related to the energy-momentum tensor in quantum chromodynamics. In this talk, I report on recent work where we review and revisit these decompositions by paying special attention to recent developments with regard to the renormalization of the energy-momentum tensor. The connection between the sum rules is discussed as well. I present numerical results for the various terms of the mass decompositions up to 3 loops in the strong coupling, and consider their scheme dependence. The role played by the trace anomaly and the sigma terms will be discussed as well. I will also discuss how, according to the current state of research, a future electron-ion collider might be able to contribute to the understanding of the proton mass decomposition.

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