International Light Cone Advisory Committee


Light Front Holographic QCD and Superconformal Algebra: An Overview

by Guy F. de Teramond (Universidad de Costa Rica)


An overview of recent progress on the infrared structure of QCD based on the gauge/gravity correspondence in light-front quantization is presented. In the semiclassical approximation the confining potential for mesons and baryons is determined by the underlying superconformal algebraic structure introduced by Fubini and Rabinovici. This new approach to hadron physics gives us unsuspected connections across the entire mass spectrum of mesons, baryons and tetraquarks. New analytic insights into nonperturbative dynamics have also followed from the study of form factors, polarized and unpolarized parton distributions and the sea quark component of the proton by incorporating the nonperturbative structure of Veneziano amplitudes in the holographic QCD model.


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