Jul 24 – 28, 2023
APCTP, Pohang
Asia/Seoul timezone

Studies of hadron physics using hadronic probes have made remarkable progress in recent years. The goal of the proposed APCTP workshop is to access the prospects of hadron physics with various hadronic probes at COMPASS/AMBER, Fermi Lab, GSI/FAIR, JLab (KLong beam at Hall D), J-PARC, etc, as well as the Cold-QCD program at RHIC (sPHENIX and STAR).  Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) is the “theory of everything” in the physics of strong interaction and hadron physics. With the hadronic probes, a wide variety of experimental and theoretical investigations can be performed to approach the open questions in QCD:

• How is the matter-antimatter asymmetry that resulted in the matter-dominance universe generated?

• What is the origin of the hadron mass that weights 99.9% of the visible matter in the universe?

• How are hadrons built from quarks and gluons?

• What is the origin of the short-range part of the nuclear force which plays essential roles in formation of atomic nuclei?

• What are the properties of high-density nuclear matter that may exist in compact stars in the universe? 

• Is there new physics beyond the Standard Model?

The workshop will bring together theorists and experimentalists from different areas (QCD reaction theory, hadron structure, nonperturbative methods, etc.) to cover the subjects described above. 

APCTP, Pohang
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