Transportation to Jeju Island

During the pandemic, direct international flights to/from Jeju (CJU) airport are not in service. All passengers from abroad should arrive at Seoul/Incheon (ICN) international airport and then transfer at Gimpo (GMP) airport to fly to Jeju. GMP is an airport inside Seoul. You can use a limousine bus or a train between ICN and GMP airports. (about 40 min. Train Fare: KRW 4,000-5,000, Airport Bus Fare: KRW 7,500) There are many flights operated by Korean Air and Asiana Airlines as well as LCCs between GMP and CJU. (about 100 one-way flights per day. This is the world's busiest air route.) Please check with your local travel agency. See also


Transportation from Jeju International Airport to the Venue

After arrival at Jeju airport, take a limousine (airport bus) # 600.

1. From the airport to the venue: The bus stop is at the ground floor and is near (left side of) Gate #5. The first bus leaves the airport at 6:00 AM. The service is almost every 18 minutes. Take off at the bus stop "The Suite Hotel" or at "Bloom Jeju Hotel/Korea Tourism Organization." (These stops are next to each other.) It takes about 50 minutes. 

2. From the venue to the airport: The first bus leaves the Suite Hotel (or Bloom Hotel) at around 6:37 AM.

3. The bus fare depends on the traveling distance. The one-way fare between the airport and the hotels is KRW 4,500. You can pay the fare to the bus driver. Although bus drivers have some changes, we do not encourage using a bill of more than KRW 5,000.

4. More details can be found at h (in Korean).


1 USD is approximately KRW 1,250.