Probing Nuclear Structure at Extreme Conditions

Jul 18, 2022, 10:40 AM
Classroom 512 (APCTP)

Classroom 512


Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Pohang, Gyeongbuk 37673, Korea


Misak Sargsian (Florida International University)


We discuss the new physics which can be accessed with doubling the energies of CEBAF accelerator at Jefferson Lab. This relates to probing three-nucleon short range correlations in nuclei and measuring deep-inelastic nuclear structure at $x>1$ that will allow for the first time to probe the dynamics responsible for generation of super-fast quarks in nuclei. Other venues of research is the probing non-nucleonic structure of $NN$ interaction at distances relevant to the nuclear repulsive core. This can be achieved by measuring deuteron inclusive cross section at large $x$ and very large $Q^2$ or probing exclusive electro-disintegration of the deuteron at internal momenta above 1 GeV/c. Different models that describe the generation of such a large internal momenta will be discussed including effects of intermediate resonance state and hidden-color component.

Primary author

Misak Sargsian (Florida International University)

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