Feb 21 – 23, 2022
Asia/Seoul timezone

The Reimei Workshop "Hadrons in dense matter at J-PARC" will be held on February 21 - 23, 2022 in hybrid style, with both on-site and online participants. The workshop will focus on topics around the behavior and modifications of hadrons in nuclear matter, their relation to QCD and chiral symmetry, related experimental measurements at facilities around the world and especially the ongoing E16 experiment at J-PARC. The goal of the workshop is to stimulate discussions between theorists and experimentalists in order to exchange new ideas and to provide an overview of the current status of the field.


Zoom-Link for the workshop (all three days)



Topics to be discussed:
- Hadrons in matter
- QCD at finite density
- Chiral symmetry in dense matter
- Nuclear-Hyperon interactions
- QCD equation of state
- Dilepton measurements

About the Reimei-workshop Series:
This Reimei Workshop is part of a series of workshops sponsored by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). Reimei means "dawn" in Japanese, and the workshops of this series are intended to highlight the physics being done now, or in the near future, at JAEA and its related facilities, such as J-PARC.

Online connection: 
A zoom-link will be sent to the registered participants a few days before the start of the workshop. 
The talks will be recorded and made accessible for registered participants. Please contact the 
organizers in case you do not wish your talk to be recorded. 

Workshop website: 


Invited Speakers:                         
E. Chizzali (ALICE)                                                               
B. Clary (LLNL, CLAS12 Collaboration)
T. Galatyuk (Darmstadt)
V.A. Goy (Far Eastern Natl. U.)     
M. Harada (Nagoya U.)
S. Hirenzaki (Nara W. U.)
D. Jido (Tokyo Tech)
H.J. Kim (Yonsei U.)
M. Kitazawa (Osaka U.)
T. Kojo (CCNU, Wuhan, Inst. Part. Phys./Hua-Zhong Normal  U.)
S. Leupold (Uppsala U.)                                                       
M. Lorenz (HADES) 
V. Metag (U. Giessen) 
G. Montana (Barcelona U.)
A. Nakamura (RIKEN/RCNP)
L. Ruan (BNL, STAR Collaboration)
R. Seto (U.C. Riverside, PHENIX/STAR Collaboration)
T. Song (Frankfurt/GSI)
N. Tomida (RCNP)
K. Tsushima (UNICID, Sao Paulo)
G. Wolf (Wigner RCP, Budapest)                                           
M. Wakayama (Chiba Inst. of Tech./RCNP)                               
S. Yokkaichi (RIKEN)   

S.H. Lee (Yonsei U.)
A. Hosaka (RCNP)
H. Sako (JAEA)
P. Gubler (JAEA)



For on-site participants: 

Please contact the organizers if you need travel support for the domestic trip to Tokai.  Limited funds are available from the Reimei-project budget. 

The workshop will be held in the KEK Tokai Campus, KEK Tokai Building Nr.1 (KEK東海1号館).
Accommodation is available at the Tokai Dormitory which is located next to the workshop site. 
We furthermore provide the possibility to order Lunch/Dinner boxes during the workshop period.  

We will collect 500 JPY from local participants, 
who wish to join the coffee breaks. 

Registration for this event is currently open.