Department of Physics, Kyungpook National University
경북대학교 물리학과

KNU Physics Colloquium Series

Magnon Spintronics

by Gyung-Choon Go (KAIST)

120호 (제1과학관)




Spintronics is one of the emerging fields of research exploiting the next-generation nanodevices by utilizing the spin degree of freedom of electrons. The spintronic devices are of technological relevance for high-density memory and logic application as it provides fast operation with low power consumption. Fundamental science and device technology for spintronics research has been developing very rapidly. Recently, spintronics researches facilitates not only electron’s spins but also various angular momentum carriers such as magnon, phonon, and photon. Magnons are collective low-energy excitations of magnetic materials. Because the magnon current carries angular momentum but does not involve the motion of electrons, it provides a way to realize the Joule-heat-free computing device. The magnon-related phenomena have gathered great attention in spintronics because they are not only fundamentally interesting but also enables low-power devices for future information technology. In this talk, I will give a pedagogical review of spintronics and magnonics.

Host: Prof. Kyungtae Kang

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