Department of Physics, Kyungpook National University
경북대학교 물리학과

KNU Physics Seminars

Probing Generalised Parton Distributions with a new class of factorised exclusive 2 -> 3 processes

by Lech Andrzej Szymanowski (National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw)

320호 (219동)




I discuss the study of various exclusive $2 \to 3$ processes that can be used to extract generalised parton distributions (GPDs). First I shall focus on the NLO computation of exclusive diphoton photoproduction in 2110.00048 which shows that the amplitude with one loop radiative corrections indeed factorises. 

Recent progress in this direction has been made in 2205.07846, where QCD factorisation has been proved to hold for a whole class of $2 \to 3$ processes.  Next I describe previous (1609.03830, 1809.08104) and our ongoing work on the exclusive photoproduction of a photon-meson pair with a large invariant mass, a computation which we have so far performed at LO, as an interesting probe for GPDs. In particular, if the meson in the final state is a transversely-polarised rho meson, this enables us to extract chiral-odd GPDs, which are not well-known experimentally. We finish by discussing the prospects of measuring the latter process at various experiments, such as JLab, EIC and LHC (in ultraperipheral collisions).


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