Department of Physics, Kyungpook National University
경북대학교 물리학과

KNU Physics Seminars

Strongly Correlated Quantum Phenomena in Atomically Designed Synthetic Oxide Crystals

by Seung Gyo Jeong (Sungkyunkwan University)

205호 (219동)




2022년 양자 물성 세미나

Correlated transition metal oxide is a suitable playground to study and understand the intriguing quantum phenomena including metal-insulator transition, superconductivity, ferroelectric, ferromagnetic, multiferroic, a variety of Hall effects, long-range magnetic interaction, and topologically nontrivial spin-texture. Owing to the advance of atomic-scale epitaxy and microscopy, we can design the synthetic oxide crystal composed of correlated oxide bricks in atomic-scale precision providing facile controllability of quantum functionalities. In this talk, we introduce the synthetic correlated oxide crystals consisting of correlated magnetic SrRuO3 layer and quantum paraelectric SrTiO3 layer grown by pulsed laser epitaxy.[1-9]. We examine the emergent physical properties by a suite of measurement techniques. The various functionalities could be systematically modulated via an atomic-scale thickness control. Our approaches will provide an underlying intuition to understand the strongly correlated systems with an accessible control knob. 



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