BK21 석학초청 세미나: Applied Superconductivity for 2D and 3D Quantum Computing Application

by Dr Zu Hawn Sung (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)

216-1호 (제1과학관)




Recently, quantum information science (QIS) has been strongly attracting attention for scientists as well as industrial development engineers. Although quantum computing was proposed in 1980s, QIS is an unprecedented platform that enables to compute NP-complete problems that classical computing systems cannot solve. QIS relies on quantum mechanics – superposition, entanglement, and tunneling. More than 195 global startups are participating in quantum computing development. In the US, almost 15 new research centers have been organized in 2020-2021 under the research umbrella of federal national labs, academic institutes, and commercial sectors like Google, Honeywell and IBM, in order to realize quantum supremacy within a decade. 


As a part of US Department of Energy (DOE) QIS program, Fermi national labs also organized new division, SQMS (Superconducting Quantum Materials & System) which is designated to R&D on 2D and 3D quantum computing, cooperating with APS-TD (Applied Physics and Superconducting-Technology Division). This is the first scientific step moving beyond high energy physics in the Fermilab. Contrast to other US national QIS centers, Fermi lab is specially applying 3D superconducting radio frequency (SRF) cavity for quantum computing, which is supposed to significantly improve decoherence time of a qubit (i.e. qubit lifetime - relaxation time T1). It is because that the state-of-art SRF niobium (Nb) cavity promises figures of a merit, Q0, for RF operation within a level of ~1010-1011, compared to aluminum-based 3D cavity, Q0 ~107-108. In this seminar, I will introduce recent R&D activities at Fermilab on quantum computing in terms of particle physics, condensed matter physics, RF technology and materials and surface science.


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