Department of Physics, Kyungpook National University
경북대학교 물리학과

KNU Physics Seminars

Molecular grammar of biomolecular phase separation

by Prof. Jeong-Mo Choi (Department of Chemistry, Pusan National University)

119호 (제1과학관)




In the last decade, there has been a growing interest on the phase behavior of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs), especially after demonstration of its biological implications such as reversible formation/dissociation of membrane-less cellular organelles. Several model systems have been discovered and studied, and one of crucial questions in the field is how the phase behavior is encoded in a sequence. Focusing on a subset of IDPs that apparently exhibit a rather simple molecular grammar for phase behavior, I will summarize a recent work that leverages the so-called stickers-and-spacers framework adapted from the field of associative polymers for understanding how multivalent protein and RNA molecules drive phase transitions that give rise to biomolecular condensates.


Host: Prof. Ji-Sang Park